Wednesday, August 09, 2006

the subways - rock & roll queen

thats my absolute favourit song this moment.

the lyrics:
You are the sun
You are the only one
My heart is blue
My heart is blue for you
Be my, be my, be my little rock and roll queen
Be my, be my, be my little rock and roll queen

You are the sun
You are the only one
You are so cool
You are so rock and roll

Be my, be my, be my little rock and roll queen
Be my, be my, be my little rock and roll queen
Be my, be my, be my little rock and roll queen
Be my, be my, be my little rock and roll queen

You are the sun
You are the only one
You are so cool
It's all so rock and roll
to find this song, buy the album Young for Eternity from the subways (2005)

The Subways
are a British indie pop band. The debut album, Young For Eternity, was released on 4 July 2005 in the UK and February 14, 2006 in the US.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

why is robbie williams so succesful in selling his music

why does this boy sells his music? who buys this stuff.

After leaving Take That, Williams immersed himself in the pop lifestyle. This included an affected swagger and an infamous appearance during Oasis's headlining set at Glastonbury in 1995. He had dyed his hair platinum blond and painted his teeth black for the concert. Noel Gallagher, the lead singer for Oasis, often referred to Williams as "that fat dancer from Take That."

This led to a highly publicised battle with drug and alcohol addiction, during which he put on nearly 40 pounds (18 kg) and was often seen in public poorly dressed, dirty and unshaven.

At the time, the British media speculated that Williams would not be a success as a solo singer.

he made many cds:
  1. 1997 - Life Thru A Lens
  2. 1998 - I've Been Expecting You
  3. 1999 - The Ego Has Landed
  4. 2000 - Sing When You're Winning
  5. 2001 - Swing When You're Winning
  6. 2002 - Escapology
  7. 2003 - Live At Knebworth
  8. 2004 - Greatest Hits
  9. 2005 - Intensive Care
  10. 2006 - 1974
(For more details on this topic, see Robbie Williams discography.)

but the music is really not good, is it?

i can´t understand who loves this music and pays for it!

Friday, August 04, 2006

does anybody know kyuss

lovely hard rock musik. here are some information about the band found at wikipedia:

The band was originally formed in 1989 under the name Sons of Kyuss until the release of their first album, when the band released the rare self-titled EP Sons of Kyuss, still with Chris Cockrell on bass locally in 1990. The name Sons of Kyuss was taken from the roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons, and shortened to "Kyuss" with a slightly different lineup later in that year.

Kyuss first line-up consisted of John Garcia (vocals), Joshua Homme (guitar), Nick Oliveri (bass guitar) and Brant Bjork (drums). This lineup released their debut album, Wretch in 1991 on Dali Records, but sales were sluggish even as their live shows gained fame. They performed all around southern California, frequently at parties in the desert which were referred to as "generator parties" because of the use of gasoline-powered generators to provide electricity for the equipment. Then, Josh Homme gained a reputation for playing electric guitars through bass guitar amplifiers to create a bass-heavy sound.

Chris Goss produced their next album, the landmark Blues for the Red Sun, a critically hailed album that earned the band many accolades. Kyuss were fortunate that friends Nirvana and especially fan and Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl were keen to see them achieve success, and managed to get them a spot on tour with Metallica in Australia in 1993.

Oliveri left (and was replaced by Scott Reeder) just as the group signed to Elektra Records and released Welcome to Sky Valley (1994), another acclaimed album. Personal problems soon tore the group apart and Bjork left following a tour, replaced by Alfredo Hernandez. In 1995 they released ...And the Circus Leaves Town. Finally, Kyuss went on indefinite hiatus in October of the same year. However, the group did not completely disband until 1997 when Homme and Hernandez joined up again to form Queens Of The Stone Age (later recruiting Oliveri for bass duties), while Garcia has had several post-Kyuss projects, including Unida, Hermano and Slo Burn. Hernandez later played with Fatso Jetson and Yawning Man. Cockrell later fronted Vic du Monte's Idiot Prayer.

Kyuss's last new release was in 1997, a split EP featuring 3 Kyuss songs and 3 Queens Of The Stone Age songs. Several years later, a "Best Of" recording called Muchas Gracias was also released.

thats what you need as a real kyuss fan:

the real red hot chili peppers

the first entry of my new music blog is about the famous band red hot chili peppers!

wikipedia tolds us a lot about their history:

Red Hot Chili Peppers (originally Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem) were formed after what was supposed to be a one-time performance in 1983 by Fairfax High School alumni Michael "Flea" Balzary, Jack Irons, Anthony Kiedis, and Hillel Slovak. Later in that same year, they secured a record deal with EMI.

Irons and Slovak were committed to their original band, What Is This?, so the sessions for their self titled debut, Red Hot Chili Peppers were recorded with Jack Sherman on guitar and Cliff Martinez on drums. Produced by Gang of Four's Andy Gill, the album did not achieve commercial success. The ensuing tour did not fare much better, with internal fighting resulting in Sherman's leaving the band, at which point Slovak returned.

Parliament-Funkadelic's George Clinton was hired to produce their second album, 1985's Freaky Styley. Martinéz would leave the band soon after the release of the album, allowing the return of original drummer Jack Irons in early 1986.

While the album did garner some attention from college radio, mainstream radio gave it little notice.

Their first album to enter the Billboard Top 200, 1987's The Uplift Mofo Party Plan, was produced by Michael Beinhorn. This would be the only album with to feature the four original high school friends. Its first single, "Fight Like a Brave", would later be featured on the soundtrack to the video game, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 in 2001.

During the supporting tour, drug problems, which have haunted the band throughout its career, came to public light when Slovak relapsed; resulting in erratic behaviour and botched performances. Shortly after the band returned, on June 27, 1988, Slovak was found dead of a heroin overdose. When news spread of the death of one of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, everyone (including Blackie Dammett, Kiedis' father) assumed it was Kiedis, because of the severity of his addiction. It wasn't until later that they discovered the truth. Anthony couldn't be immediately tracked down, as he was somewhere in Los Angeles, getting high. Jack Irons left the band soon after, saying he didn't want to be in a band where all his friends were dying.

The band temporarily employed Dead Kennedys drummer D.H. Peligro and former P-Funk guitarist DeWayne “Blackbyrd” McKnight, later replacing them with Chad Smith and John Frusciante. Mother's Milk was released in August 1989, providing the band with their first top modern rock hits with their tribute ballad to Slovak, "Knock Me Down" [2], and their cover of Stevie Wonder's hit "Higher Ground". The album reached #52 on the album charts, the best chart position yet for the band at that point. Frusciante proved to be a prodigious and talented guitarist, and that contributed to that album being their breakthrough album. Although it's their breakthrough album to the mainstream, the band usually refrains from playing it in live concerts due to John's dislike of the "macho" way he used to play on it. In an 2002 interview, John Frusciante stated:

"Way back when I joined the band and when we were recording 'Mother's Milk' the producer pushed me into this metal-funk department and I therefore played mainly hard riffs on the lower e-string. That didn't really come from the heart, however, in those days it seemed to be a good idea. Although I'm not too proud of 'Mother's Milk', it is probably our most influential album. At least back then a lot of people jumped at it. In some instances we simultaneously put five distorted guitar tracks and a piercing solo on top of the bass."

In 2006, they completed their ninth studio album, Stadium Arcadium. Although 38 songs were created with the intention to be released as 3 mini-albums spaced six months apart [5]it was released in May 2006 as a 28-track double album. It was their first album to debut at #1 on the US charts, where it stayed for two weeks, and debuted at number one in the UK Albums Chart and 25 other countries as well[citation needed]. In the album's first week, it sold 442,000 units in the United States alone,and over 1,000,000 worldwide, setting a personal record for one week sales. The record's first single "Dani California," was the band's fastest-selling single, topping the Modern Rock chart in the US, peaking at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100, and reaching #2 in the UK[3].In addition to "Dani California", "Tell Me Baby" reached Billboard's hot modern rock tracks in early July.[4]

In 2009, they will be old enough to be qualified for admission to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame